Client 2

Deteriorating sight issues were jeopardizing this client’s safety and resulted in an increase in falls, particularly on the stairs in his home. Replacing, repositioning, and extending the stair railings inside and outside his home made it dramatically easier for him to get himself up and down the stairs without assistance. We modified the existing high thresholds between rooms which were also creating tripping hazards. Because this gentleman often woke up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to his kitchen or television room, enhanced stair lighting, including pre-programmables, ensured that he could see where he was going without any fumbling for light switches.

His children lived far away and continued to worry about their father’s personal safety. Their wish was that he move into an assisted living facility, but he was adamant that he would not. With his consent, we came up with a series of technology-based devices that not only could summon emergency help easily, but also remind him to take his medications at the right time, check on the status of his pacemaker and confirm that he had gotten up out of bed and eaten breakfast each morning. The overall anxiety of all members of the family was reduced with these solutions.