Client 3

Our client was a woman suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis. Although she lived with her sister in a somewhat wheelchair friendly high-rise, her bathroom was incompatible with her condition.

Her bathroom was the biggest barrier to her independence and after much discussion, we decided that an entire gut remodel was required. The doorway was too small to enter in a wheelchair, the lighting was terrible, there was no storage, the exhaust wasn’t working, and the existing tub/shower combo was not safe.

With our remodeling assistance, the entire room became a wet room with all the walls tiled up to the ceiling and a drain located in the middle of the room. The doorway was enlarged to accommodate her wheelchair and a folding seat was installed in the shower. Grab bars were installed, a handheld showerhead, an easy open medicine cabinet, a touch-activated faucet, a wheelchair accessible sink and a single switch, which controlled all of the room’s light fixtures.

The client regained much of her personal independence with this bathroom remodel and increased the value of her condo with this bright, attractive bathroom.