Client 4

An older gentleman was struggling with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Safety was the family’s number one concern, particularly in the kitchen. Because the client had previously forgotten to turn off the kitchen faucet after washing up, we installed a faucet with a motion detector feature. We also designed a way to restrict access to the stovetop knobs since the client usually had a meal delivery plan.

Because our client was developing arthritis in his hands, all of the door knobs in his apartment were changed out to easy -to-operate lever handles for easier access between rooms in his apartment. We also introduced him to simple devices which made it easier for him to wear button up shirts and lace up shoes so he could retain his independence.

In the bathroom, we put safety arms on the toilet to provide the leverage he needed to stand up. We installed one set of grab bars in his shower and another grab bar on the bathroom walls to help with balance issues and nighttime confusion.